Sunday, June 13, 2010

Home for almost four months

The longer I go without blogging the more I have to catch everyone up on. Which makes the idea of blogging overwhelming. Which means I don't blog. So, instead of trying to fit EVERYTHING in, here's a short snapshot of how Natalie's adjusting after almost four months home:

What adoption related issues are we facing? Doesn't seem like a whole lot of them, honestly. She is really attached to us, developmentally she seems right on target, and she's growing like a weed (we haven't weighed her lately but she's wearing 18-24 month clothes now--she wore a 9 month size when she came home, and has jumped up two sizes in shoes --from a 4 to a 6).

One thing that does seem adoption-related: when we go to a new place and we introduce her to new people she sometimes is frightened and clingy at first and I can't help but thinking that she's wondering, "Is this when they're going to give me away?" Breaks my heart.

Also, nap-time can be a nightmare. If she falls asleep in the car on in the stroller, no problem, but when I try and put her down for a nap in her room--major tantrum. She doesn't take a bottle or a pacifier so I try walking her or rocking her. She still screams bloody murder. Yet at night once it's dark she goes to sleep no problem. Makes me think nap time was traumatic for some reason at the orphanage (perhaps because they insisted on 3 hour naps).

Otherwise, she seems like a typical toddler to me, which means:

-she's the cutest thing you'll ever meet,
-she has non-stop energy from morning until night,
-she wants your non-stop attention from morning until night,
-"no" is her favorite word (both when she says it and when mommy says it because then she can play the "let's disobey mommy" game),
-she will unscrew the lid off everything she can get her hands on and then squeeze, dump, or pour out whatever was inside,
-she thinks that when mommy shows her an outfit and says, "Let's get dressed," that means, "Run away from mommy and squeal with delight when she chases you,"
-she thinks "being gentle" with the cats means immobilizing them with all your body weight,
-eating is an art project which involves smearing food all over your face and the high chair, painting your hair, and knocking over every container that doesn't have a lid.

Grammy and Papa visited us on their way to Europe and then on the way back. Natalie loves them. She says "Papa" clear as a bell. "Grammy" sounds a little like "Mommy."

"I love my brother---sometimes."

"I love my friend Mia--sometimes almost to death."

When Auntie Sher visited Natalie was a little hesitant at first. Did she wonder, "Is this a new mommy who's going to steal me away?" She couldn't resist Auntie Sher for long, though. Notice Dora the cat trying to sneak onto Sherry's lap. Talk about "sibling" rivalry!

One more just because she's so cute. Here she's really feeling the music--and dancing with her tongue out.

I said this was going to be short, didn't I? No wonder I only blog once a month.