Friday, February 19, 2010

Hello! We have a limited access internet connection here at the hotel, so just a couple minutes to write. Our trip has been very interesting so far. We will have more to tell later about our travels here, but let's skip to the important stuff:Little E! Michelle and I met her on Thursday afternoon....we weren't expecting to, but lucked out! Upon meeting us, she screamed and cried....not exactly the idealic meeting one might have in mind. The good news is, after a few hours of patience and caring, she started to warm up to us. We were quite happy, but exhausted, by the end of the day. We worried about meeting her again on Day Two, not knowing if she would remember us. Day Two: who are these strange white people??? Again, she had a meltdown upon seeing us....but again, like Day One, she eventually calmed down, but it wasn't until she had fallen asleep in Michelle's arms and waking up safely that she calmed down. We had her in our hotel room for quite a while, and by the end of the day, she was again happy and seemingly accepting. Today is Day Three. We are headed to a museum for a bit this morning, and we meet the pediatrician later today. We have met some fantastic people in the adoption process...a lot of wonderful parents here with us on this journey. Our ONLY hope today is that she doesn't have a meltdown on Day Three when she sees us....this is important because Michelle and I travel to Durame tomorrow for an overnight trip and won't see her until late Monday.....please remember who we are!! We miss our home and family....while its exciting and so incredibly different here, we are home sick. Nothing truly prepared me for what I have seen, smelled, runs the gamet of "yuck" to "I can't believe the beauty."I will end this with saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Wesley!! We now have a teenager on our hands (OK, with the time change, its not quite yet). Patrick


  1. So so glad you are there safe! So amazing! Lots of pRayers for you and E for the next few days! Much love!

  2. Sounds like an incredibly amazing experience...I'm so glad that Little E is adjusting to her new family. Have a wonderful trip to Durame!

  3. Happy Birthday, Wesley!
    We are anxious to have you safely home : )
    Love to all of you.

  4. Congratulations on safe arrival!
    She will warm up to you... bring snacks and whip out the cell phone to play with! :)