Monday, February 1, 2010

Help for the blogging-challenged (me). Please.

Could someone tell me how these "follower" gadgets work? I follow a lot of blogs--does that mean I show up as a "follower" on your "follower" gadget? Or do I have to specifically sign in on your page?

I decided I should add a "follower" gadget to my blog. Some of you guys have like 60 followers. I have 6. I'm feeling like a loser. Please help me out!


  1. Anytime you click the "follow" button on someone's blog and choose to follow publicly you'll show up on their list.

    Once you add the button to your site people can click on it and then they'll show up on yours. You can follow someone by entering the url address, but this is easier.

    People can also add your blog to their blog list on the sides of the screen and then it updates whenever you post. You get a lot of "publicity" that way because someone from say, my blog, can see your blog, click right over to it and then click on your follow button.


    Good luck

  2. I added myself to your following!! Now you have 8! yay!!

  3. I'm officially FOLLOWING you too!

  4. PLUS when you go to your "dashboard" it shows all of the blogs you are 'following' and lists the most frequent updates.

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  6. Don't mind my blogging inadequacies...still figuring it out myself! I was feeling the same about the follower thing...just added it myself on my blog. Realized I'm already a follower of your terrific blog!