Sunday, April 11, 2010

Everybody loves Grandma Joan!

Grandma Joan visited last week and Natalie accepted her like they'd been grandma/granddaughter their entire lives. I don't know if Natalie remembered Grandma from Ethiopia, if she just followed Everett and Wesley's lead, or if there's just something special about Grandma Joan (probably it's that), but it was amazing to watch the two of them connect and form that special grandparent/grandchild bond so quickly.

The only problem: now that Grandma Joan has gone home Natalie points at Grandma's picture every day and says "Maa-maw?" and how do you explain to an 18 month old who keeps losing the people she loves that Grandma just flew away on an airplane for awhile and will be back?

So, we call Grandma Joan on the phone as often as we can and who knows if Natalie gets that the voice coming from the plastic box is Grandma Joan but she sure likes holding the receiver to her ear and babbling about the kitties ("ga-ga's") and the doggie ("arf"). Come back soon, Grandma Joan!


  1. Everybody DOES love Grandma Joan! Great pictures Shel. Thanks for posting.

  2. That is so sweet that she loves her grandma!!! My son loves to call his Nana's on the phone too.