Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Everett is thrilled to be a big brother

We told Everett (our four year old) Saturday night that he was going to be a big brother. He grinned and sucked his fingers but didn't have much to say. At bedtime he wanted to know if his little sister could sleep with him.

The next morning he came down the stairs and said: I thought of something else we can do with the baby. We can take her swimming. I'll share my life jacket. She can wear my blue swimsuit. I think it will fit. Or my yellow one. Maybe I can bring my wallet and get her a snack.

He asked a million questions and in an hour had everything planned out for his little sister's arrival:

Will she grow in your tummy? When are we going to get her? She will really like the house. Should we get her a scooter when she's older? Mommy, where should we get diapers? We don't have diapers. Can we take her camping? Why can't we get a boy? (me: Why do you want a boy?) Let's get two babies. Can we feed her chocolate milk? Eggnog? (he's going through an eggnog kick). We won't give her Dr. Pepper. We want her to grow big. We should get her a wallet like mine.

What a cutie!


  1. Hi Michelle - I added your blog to my bloglist if that's okay. Good to meet you and follow along with your story. Congrats on getting on the waitlist.

    By the way, I love your son's endless questions about his little sister! Too cute!


  2. You are so close to your little girl coming home! Soon big brother, soon!

  3. Hey, wow, I have comments! What fun!