Monday, December 14, 2009

The Pregnant Belly

I bought a changing pad for little e's room today. When I went to check out, the clerk asked, "Is this for someone's baby registry?"

Clearly the woman had looked at my (relatively) flat belly and concluded that I was purchasing the changing pad for a friend.

I was--hurt.

"This changing pad is for MY baby," I wanted to say. "Not someone else's." But I didn't feel like explaining. If I'd been pregnant, I wouldn't have had to. The woman would have taken one look at my big stomach and rung up the purchase with a smile. Perhaps she would have said, "Ahh, getting the room all ready, huh?" Or, "So, how far along are you?"

Not even once during this adoption journey have I missed being pregnant. I enjoyed carrying my two biological children. But adopting is full of its own unique excitement and I've relished every step of the way (okay, except for the paperwork. And the waiting).

But today, for the very first time, I wanted to be pregnant. I wanted my big belly to announce to the clerk and everyone else that, "This woman is having a baby! Give her a smile. Indulge her by holding open her door. She's bringing a new life into the world."

I'm bringing a new life into my world, too. But no one can tell by looking at me.

So I have a new business plan: adoption bellies. I'll buy up the prosthetics actresses wear to feign pregnancy. Then I'll sell them to adoptive moms for when they go out shopping for baby stuff. Because when people acknowledge your impending mommyhood without you having to say a word it's a nice little thrill.

Okay, I'm too lazy to start a business. Or to figure out where to buy a fake pregnant belly. Next time I buy something for little e, I'll just smile and explain about our adoption. It will be good practice for when little e comes home. Because then we'll get lots of attention. And those formerly pregnant women will get nothing. :-)


  1. At first I missed the belly when I went out as well. However, if I was prego for 3 years as our adoptions have dragged on... I'd be even more crazy than I am now! If you're anything like me take all those pictures out and announce it to everyone you meet... I do!
    Best wishes on your upcoming court date! So excited for you guys!
    Leah Ann

  2. TOTALLY understand. My sister is 27 weeks pregnant and documenting her pregnancy with belly-growing-pics on her blog! I love watching it, but the best I can do is a ticker with no end-point set! At least with pregnancy, you know you won't go past 42 weeks! And, just in case you were still feeling hurt... she asks that so that if it is on someone's registry, they can remove it so the mom doesn't get two of the same item. I don't think she was trying to make small talk. I can't wait to have our babies "locked in" so I can refer to them as MY babies and MY children, and I am buying this for OUR new kids!
    Wait... does this mean my weight gain is NOT related to the paperwork pregnancy?? ;) Chin up girlfriend... court date is only 2 weeks away from today!