Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hair bows and ribbons

I went shopping for little e today.

I've bought things for her before: a bedding set for her room, a dollie for under the Christmas tree.
Still, today's shopping trip was different. Today, I picked out something for little e to wear. Something that will touch her skin. Something that I will place on her little body.

They are just hair bands and bows. Still, for me they are a symbol. A demonstration of my faith. With our court date only 20 days away I'm starting to let myself believe that little e will really be ours. That this sweet lonely child half-way around the world will be our daughter.

It's a scary leap of faith. I don't believe it entirely yet. So many things can still go wrong. But I've taken a step forward. I have hair bows that one day soon I hope to place on her little head.

I hope. I am full of hope.

(Dora the cat is full of hope, too. She thinks the hair bands are for her. And the crib, too).


  1. Okay, you have way more restraint that I do (LOL)...I've purchased so much stuff for Ella already - clothing, shoes, blankie, crib bedding, a dresser, and a crib will be bought next week...the shopping helps ease my "waiting to bring her home" anxiety! At least that's what I tell myself ;-)

    I think the hair ribons are very cute...that's one thing I haven't bought "yet". LOL

  2. So pretty~ enjoy getting ready for your little sweetheart!