Thursday, January 21, 2010


So, now that we don't have to rush home to Everett, we're thinking of spending a day in Dubai on our way to Ethiopia.

The world's tallest building is there. Also, an INDOOR ski resort, an Atlantis water park, and a man-made palm-frond shaped like ---wait for it----an island. An island shaped like a palm frond. People live on it. And a monorail will take you to see it. What a crazy place!

I'm picturing Disneyland/Las Vegas/church (I say church because even the super glitzy mall there has prayer rooms).

Anyway, we're thinking we can live it up a little in Dubai before going to Ethiopia: go swimming, ride the monorail, and get our bodies used to the ELEVEN hour time difference.

We've also heard that Emirates airlines is pretty nifty. They have t.v.s in every seat, bassinets for the babies, and a bunch of other good stuff I can't remember now.

We got a quote from a travel agent: $1,645. Which isn't too bad, I don't think, from Denver. Everett would only pay $1,345. Enatalem will pay $145 on the way home.

We would travel from Denver to Houston, then from Houston all the way to Dubai on the swanky airplane, and then from Dubai to Ethiopia.

Here's what I think is funny: after a 14 hour flight from Houston we will land in Dubai at 7:05 in the evening. Our body clocks, however, will think it's 8:05 in THE MORNING Denver time. An ELEVEN hour time difference. We'll just be waking up. Everyone in Dubai will be getting ready for bed. How does the body adjust to that?

The bad thing about Dubai is the hotel prices. So far everything seems to be $250 and up (per night, for two adults). Even the Holiday Inn is that pricey. Ouch.

But when else are we going to go to Dubai? If we go we could say we'd been to the Middle East. We could cross Asia and Africa off our list of continents to see.

I'm going to keep researching hotel prices....

P.S. No, we don't officially have travel dates yet. I'm just acting like we do.


  1. Hey! Believe it or not, I actually have a friend that lives in Dubai...I can ask her for suggestions on hotels.

  2. WHO lives in Dubai...sorry for the poor grammar!

  3. Oh yes, do it! I love that idea. I hear Dubai is incredible. We're considering the same type of pre-ET vaca in whatever city we end up with a layover - although, we won't be bringing our son.

    And you're right, who knows if you'll ever get back there again.

  4. I LOVE that idea. Please post more details when you find them (or PM me). My husband and I are leaving our three kiddos at home for our ET trip and we would love to have a mini-adults-only vaca before meeting our baby J.

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