Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some pictures, an update, and email, oh my!

We hit the motherload this week: more photos and information on Enatalem than we've received the whole three months we've had her referral.

We got EIGHT photographs of her from a social worker who traveled with the last group to Ethiopia. EIGHT!

She's just adorable (Enatalem, not the social worker. We don't know what the social worker looks like. Although we do adore the woman for sending us these wonderful pictures).

Anyway, I'm dying to post the photos. Enatalem has hair now! And at least two teeth! She's almost smiling in a couple of shots, and standing all alone in another (she looks so little)!

We'd been worried about the health reports we'd been getting, but pictures really are worth a thousand words. Now, we are confident she's a happy blossoming little girl.

The medical report is kind of old: Dec. 5th. And she was still in Durame. It says she had malaria and diarrhea. Poor little thing. It also says, get this--- she has "normal male external genitalia." Oops. We're pretty sure this is just a hilarious typo, but we're having Holt check for sure.

So, after already hitting the jackpot we got MORE news today from a friend who is in Ethiopia this week. She's picking up her son, who's a few months older than Enatalem. He and Enatalem have lived together since at least October when we both got our referrals.

Anyway, this dear woman took time out of her trip to send us an email (I didn't even know you could do that) about Enatalem. She says she is small but strong. "She was walking around her crib (holding on to sides) and was just smiling. The nannies love her very much, and say her name so sweetly. She has short dark hair, and is just a doll."

Aww. How amazing it is to get a better idea of who our little daughter is. After months of knowing practically nothing.

We have the new photos on the fridge. Next step: meeting her in person!


  1. that is awesome to get that huge reassurance so that your heart can be at ease!!!

  2. Yay! That is so so great. How wonderful you have first-hand accounts and lots of pictures to gaze over!