Saturday, January 16, 2010


I realized that we haven't done the big reveal of our daughter's name. These crazy adoption rules crack me up. Why is it okay after we pass court to reveal our child's name but it's NOT okay to post their picture until we travel? Who knows. I have learned at this point to just chill and follow the rules.

So, big drumroll.....our daughter's name is Enatalem. It means "dear like a mother." Her birth mom gave her her name, which makes it pretty special. Our Ethiopian friends say it's an unusual name in Ethiopia.

We can't wait to get to Ethiopia and hear how they pronounce "Enatalem." It's not a word that slips easily off the American tongue. We've talked a lot about what we'll call her when we bring her home. We'll let you know when we decide for sure.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Our daughters ET given name is hard to pronounce...we found out though that it is spoken exactly how it's written, letter for letter.

  2. I wondered about the picture after court, but hey...I'll do whatever they tell me to do. :) :)

  3. If you want to email me the area or language where she is from, I can ask my friend's son to pronounce it phonetically for you! He is 15 and taught me to say the names of our three babies (yet to be declared ours...)!