Friday, January 15, 2010

Good News and Bad News

The good news is we got an encouraging email about little e's health. The nurse in Addis says little e interacts well with her caregivers and enjoys playing with her peers. She says little e is feeding well now and not encountering health problems.

From the earlier emails I was picturing little e sick, crib-bound, and peering listlessly off into the distance. Hearing that she plays with her little friends is a big relief.

Here's a weird thing. In our referral paperwork from early October they indicated little e could walk and talk and stack blocks. It surprised me that a malnourished, newly-institutionalized child could be so advanced.

In the email we just got the nurse says that little e is able to walk around furniture. They expect that she'll be able to walk without support in a few weeks if she keeps up with this developmental pace.

So does that mean she's regressed or she never was truly walking in the first place? Makes you wonder what you can really believe with these reports. Do I call and ask for more clarification? Do I try and find out if she was sick the whole time she was in Durame? To see if that explains why she hasn't gained more weight? Or do we just wait until we travel so we can see for ourselves how she's doing?

Oh, so the bad news--we're not in the early February travel group that leaves Feb. 3rd. Darn. Holt said that we would "likely" be in the second group that leaves February 17th. The second group is only two weeks later than the first group. And I'd rather hear encouraging news about little e's health than be in the first February group. Hopefully the extra two weeks will give little e time to really stabilize her health.


  1. So sorry to hear you're not in the first Feb travel group. But, WONDERFUL news about your little girls health! I'd say cruising or walking holding someone's hands is considered walking to them... that's what I'm guessing from our reports anyway??
    Leah Ann

  2. Super news about her health improving! I know it must be disappointing to not being to travel as soon as possible, but what's a couple weeks relative to the lifetime you will have with her!

  3. I am so glad to hear about the updated health report. We have not had a health report on our baby J since August (which was his intake report). I have tried to assume the best and put it out of my mind, but reading your little one's last report makes me worry. I'm glad you get to travel soon and all of you can be comforted by one another.

  4. I found your blog thorugh a friend. I've been very interested in adopting from Ethiopia. I'm also from Colorado. Spent time in Colo Spgs, but recently moved to Glenwood Springs. My kids enjoy the Colorado outdoors. I've been doing so much research on Ethiopian adoption. Your adoption story has inspired me SO much. You have such a beautiful family, and even though I don't know you, I'm still VERY happy for you!!!

    Take Care,

    Meredith Cobb