Friday, January 8, 2010

Hog Wild

So, now that we've passed court, now that we should have little e in our arms soon, it's time to-- SHOP! Right?

I called S at our agency to see if she could tell me how big little e is so I could start buying some clothes for her.

She said something like, "Remember, Ethiopian children are usually smaller than in the U.S. You really won't know for sure until you pick her up. And you'll have the opportunity to shop for clothes in Ethiopia. We caution our parents not to go hog wild buying clothes ahead of time."

"Well. Hmphh," I thought. "You're spoiling my fun."

I said to S, "You have to understand, I'm a new mommy and I don't even have a daughter to show for it. Shopping is all I've got."

And then I went to the Carter's outlet store.

Oh my.

Little girls' clothes are adorable. And little girl shoes--about the cutest things on the planet. Plus, it's January. Which means 70% off clearance sales.

Let me just say, I've never been one of those women who loves to shop. I don't know anything about fashion. I've raised boys for thirteen years. Their clothes are boring. My sons wear the same tennis shoes every day. When that pair falls apart or is outgrown, they want exactly the same shoes in a bigger size.

So, when I found the little girl shoe section in Target and the little brown leather shoes decorated with pink leather flowers and the pink plaid tennis shoes I called my husband and said, "We may be in trouble."

Hog wild.

Clearly I am not the first desperate-to-travel adoptive parent S has counseled. I wonder if any of them actually heeds her advice?


  1. Good for you! Shop away :-) I've done some shopping myself, which I have no business going considering we don't even know who our daughter is yet! I've just bought toddler-range clothing and have loved every minute. You are right, having only raised boys, you tend to go hog wild seeing all these darling girl clothes. Have fun :-)

  2. I know I sure won't! I'm already buying bows. Oh I can't wait to buy girl clothes! You are right, we do the same thing with the boy shoes at my house.

  3. I usually don't enjoy shopping either, but a Mama waiting for her baby simply cannot be stopped! Happy shopping for your sweetie!

  4. You hit the nail on the head when you said "we may be in trouble." Girl clothes and shoes are simply irresistible. Period. My Em had (and still has) more clothes than she could wear. Sad, but true. It's a good thing Ry's clothing preferences did you say it? Boring. (Until a girl came into the picture at age 16, and all of a sudden Polo clothes were a must). Enjoy, Michelle. I may have to splurge on little e will be a sacrifice, but.... love ya!