Monday, February 8, 2010

The one with all the cute baby clothes

I'm trying to cram in all these blog entries before we travel because I know what happens to most bloggers when they return home with their little ones --they disappear.

So, there are certain traditional posts in every Ethiopian adoption blog. We've done the one with the pictures of the newly decorated nursery. The one with the big mess of half-packed suitcases. I'm still working on the one about Enatalem's name. For weeks I've had ready the best one, everyone's favorite--the one with all the photos of the up-until-now faceless child who's at the center of this blog. But I'm not allowed to post it until we travel.

Today, we have--the one with all the cute baby clothes.

When I first started reading Ethiopia adoption blogs I have to say I thought it was kind of silly to post pictures of empty baby clothes. I mean, without a cute body to fill them, who wants to look at a bunch of shoes and dresses? Well, it turns out I do.

When your on-line friends can't show you photos of their darling new child, clothes, I suppose, are the next best thing. So, here are some of my favorite outfits for Entatalem. I giggled at
myself the whole time I was snapping these pictures. But it was lots of fun. (And no, I didn't buy ALL these clothes. Friends have given me some great hand-me-downs. We love hand-me-downs. If anyone has hand-me-downs, we'll take them!)

This is the first outfit I found that I just had to buy for little e. And it's blue--after buying boy clothes for 13 years--it's blue. And it's still my favorite.

I haven't been very happy with the bows and hairbands I've found. I don't know where everyone else is finding the really cute ones.

Aww, shoes....I ended up exchanging these and almost everything else I bought on my first shopping foray for smaller sizes because just days after I bought a bunch of clothes we got a health update which put Enatalem in the 9-12 month size range instead of 12-18 months.

It will be fun to see Enatalem's reaction to snow. We don't want to haul all our coats to Ethiopia so we plan to leave them in the car at the airport. Hopefully, we won't have to face a blizzard as we trek back to the car on the night we return.


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