Sunday, February 7, 2010

860 miles from Baghdad

So, I looked at a map of Dubai the other day. Folks, it is truly smack dab in the Middle East.

Dubai is surrounded by the countries of Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

It's 860 miles from Dubai to Baghdad, Iraq (that's the distance from Denver to L.A.).

It's 760 miles from Dubai to Tehran, Iran.

It's 1,049 miles from Dubai to Kabul, Afghanistan.

It's 1,299 miles from Dubai to Jerusalem.

These are some scary places. What were we thinking?

On the other hand, I was trying to Google whether it was safe in Dubai to ha

ice in your drinks, and this is what my search turned up: The Chillout Ice Bar. EVERYTHING there is made of ice: the walls, tables, chairs, cups, glasses and plates. Even the art on the wall is made of ice.

This Dubai sounds like some crazy place. Like Disneyland set in the eye of a war zone. We can't wait to see it.

P.S. I did finally find an article that said the water is safe to drink in Dubai but it tastes kind of funny. The author said go ahead and have ice in your drinks, just not too much. Okaaay. Either it's safe or it's not. What's too much?


  1. Well, maybe they're going on the theory that too much of anything is bad for you? ;)

  2. Don't worry about the water in restaurants and such. My husband and I have been to Dubai and Abu Dhabi twice. No problems with the water or anything else for that matter. You'll probably be surprised how "westernized" Dubai feels. There are places that are just like the US. There are even malls that are filled with US and European stores.