Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An early Christmas gift: a court date!

Holt e-mailed us today that we have a court date...December 29, 2009!! We're so excited!

(I have to explain the photo. Not even my husband understood. It's a "legal eagle" ornament. See the scales of justice?)

Anyway, back to the court date. Once we pass court we will officially be little E's parents. Then, four to eight weeks later, after another pile of paperwork is completed, we'll be able to travel to get her!

We know from many other adoptive families that having a court date doesn't assure you of anything. Only about half pass court the first time. There are so many things that can go wrong. Sometimes the docket is too full, sometimes they don't have the necessary paperwork, and sometimes the birth family fails to appear. When that happens, a new date is scheduled, usually about a month later.

We don't care about any of that. We're ecstatic to know something. To know that our case didn't somehow fall through the cracks. To have a date we can look forward to (and yes, stress about!). Merry Christmas early!


  1. HOORAY!!!!!! SO SO SO EXCITED! Our little ones will be home so soon! I know they are keeping each other company until then.

  2. WOW - a first court date only 1.5 months after your dossier arrived in ET!!! That is AMAZING NEWS! I am thrilled for you all...and hope this is a sign for those of us also waiting on a court date.

    I too was told a 2nd court date was possible in many cases - but I truly hope that you pass this 1st time! Fingers are crossed.