Thursday, September 2, 2010

And when she was bad...

Ahhh, the terrible twos. How I have NOT missed this stage. Natalie is gifted, apparently, because she's been acting two for a month and her birthday isn't for two weeks.

Natalie's motto at almost two is, "Hey, let's see what reaction I get if I --"

-run right into the street

-run away from mommy in the store, at soccer practice, and whatever location seems most inappropriate

-say the same word over and over for twenty minutes straight: "black horse, black horse, black horse--"

-beg for candy twenty-four hours a day: "ca-ee, ca-ee, ca-ee"

-pretend not to understand "inside voice" and always talk as LOUD AS I CAN

-scream in the car because I know it annoys mommy and she can't do anything about it

-call mommy's bluff and refuse to join her even when she says, "Okay, bye Natalie. See you later."

-spit at people when they make me mad

-squash the cats

-watch how the floor floods when I play with the fridge's water dispenser

-refuse to stop talking while mommy's on the phone

-refuse to stop talking while ANYONE is trying to have a conversation that isn't about me

It's a phase. It's a phase. It's a phase. This is my mantra that keeps me going. I feel better now. Thanks for allowing me to vent.


  1. Ok I'm trying to not laugh out loud, but I can totally see my little stinker doing the running away thing. She is only 13 months and has a much more stubborn attitude than ANY of my boys combined!

  2. sounds like another 2 year old i know : )

  3. We're starting to get there! I remember it with the boys....yes, it is a phase...thank God!